CEO Perspective: Doug Peterson, President & CEO, S&P Global Inc.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges for individuals, local communities, businesses and our global economy. Though much is uncertain even now, what we do know is that this pandemic will reshape the way we work, the way we educate, our public health, our social and family lives, and the global economic system in profound and lasting ways. And it has reinforced that corporations must serve all their stakeholders.

In recent months, we have seen corporations rightly prioritize worker safety and customer well-being. The global conversation on racial equity has also become a central concern for members of the Business Roundtable and our people. More and more, corporations are beginning to understand their responsibility to their employees and customers, and their role in revitalizing our economy and supporting local communities. To accomplish this recovery as quickly as we can, it is essential for corporations around the world to come together to help address the issues we are all facing.

At S&P Global, we are more focused than ever on supporting our employees, our clients, and the wider community in which we live and operate. In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we know that data and analytics on the changing economic environment and critical supply chains are more essential than ever. We’ve provided complimentary research, reports, analytics, and data to the public via a dedicated page on our website — focusing on how COVID-19 is impacting public health, the global economy, and the financial and commodity markets. We’ve also provided complimentary access to Panjiva’s Supply Chain Intelligence platform to hospitals and relevant government agencies, helping them in tracking the supply chains of ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, gloves, gowns, and face shields.

We see ourselves as accountable not just to our customers and the markets, but to each other as well as to the communities in which we live. We have coalesced around our singular purpose of accelerating progress in the world by providing the essential intelligence businesses, elected leaders, investors, and communities need to make decisions about their future with conviction. Our shared values of excellence, relevance and integrity are extremely important to shaping our response to events such as those currently unfolding.

From the moment we first moved to a remote environment, our people have stepped up and provided uninterrupted service to our clients and the broader public. The crisis has bought out the best of our people: their innovation and excitement in trying new and novel approaches, their compassion for each other and their communities, and their commitment to accelerating progress in the world. I could not be prouder.

I am committed to working collectively with the other leaders of the Business Roundtable to ensure that we shape our economic future in a way that delivers value for all of our stakeholders. By working together, we can hold each other accountable and achieve stronger economic revitalization that will increase opportunity for all Americans.