• Jonathan Greer

    Jonathan Greer

    Husband and friend in Coconut Grove, FL tweets and retweets are to encourage, share faith in Jesus, and interact to support local journalism.

  • Steelcase


    Steelcase helps leading organizations – in business, healthcare and education – create the places that can unlock the promise of their people.

  • Marty Walsh

    Marty Walsh

    Mayor of @CityofBoston

  • Molchester Ltd

    Molchester Ltd

    Leading SEO & Digital Marketing Consultancy. 0800 8758 247 www.molchester.com

  • McKinsey Global Inst

    McKinsey Global Inst

    The business & economics research arm of McKinsey & Company, covering topics like economics, capital markets, tech trends, & urbanization. mckinsey.com/mgi

  • Kate Bes

    Kate Bes

    Working in media. Views are my own, mostly about tech and Russian politics

  • Todd Wagner

    Todd Wagner

    Todd Wagner is the founder and CEO of Charity Network, a company that utilizes the influence of celebrity, media, and technology to raise awareness and funds.

  • Daniel Ostrander

    Daniel Ostrander

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